Morris Franceschetti


Route To Hell was born in 2003. I was six when I picked up a drumstick, then the drum became my instrument. It may seem strange but, despite the hearing problem that I have had since I was born, my love for music is very strong, a passion that I feel flowing through my veins since I was a child. At the time I was listening to very high volume bands like AC / DC, Iron Maiden and Deep Purple that made me passionate about Heavy Metal. My self-esteem gave me the strength to create this association that goes beyond the profit-making goal. Organizing events means sharing your passion with others. With great satisfaction I can say that I have met internationally renowned artists such as Ten Years After, Carl Palmer, Creendence Clearwater Revival, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Angelo Batio, Gus G, Lenon Hendrix, Kee Marcello, Marco Mendoza, Blaze Bayley, Mike Terrana, Nicholas Baker, George Fisher, Atma Anur, Pino Scotto, Andrea Martongelli, Fabio Dessi, Simon Phillips, Titta Tani, Claudio Simonetti, Edu Falaschi, Marty Friedman, Arthemis, Saxon, Testament, Stratovarius, Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Goblin, Death Angel , Eldritch, Entombed, Elvenking, Gory Blister, Necrodeath, Skanners, Mark Boals, Kiko Loureiro and many others. All I have been able to do so far I owe to my tenacity and to the contribution of some friends. Thanks to Alex Guarino and Marco “Il panda” Musco. I will carry on this wonderful experience trying to never disappoint the expectations of the public. Route To Hell is my life and now, also thanks to my partners Orlando and Eliano, I will do my best to always improve.

Orlando Conte


Since I was a little boy my passion for singing has led me to have many experiences with various rock bands. One of the most beautiful and important moments was when I was part of the UP THE IRONS band together with Eliano and, at the same time, I was part of the organization of Shammer Metal Fest as president. On that occasion I met Morris and the Route To Hell and from the strong friendship between the three of us this project has developed with many ambitions.

Eliano Imperato

Photographer / Webmaster

Eliano Imperato is a photographer whose work in a published regularly in newspapers, weekly publications and magazines, both online and print. Additionally, his work comprises still photography for film and commercials.

Eliano is represented by Controluce Agency – a reference point for magazines and newspaper in the Italian and international market – that covers events of great importance, such as news that include culture, show business, sports, archaeology, folklore, traditional festivals, concerts, politics, as well as portraits, and is based in Naples – Italy.

He is a correspondent at Agence France-Presse (AFP).